The 2014 BAT seminar with Joey Iversen in Taipei, Taiwan

What is BAT?

Speaker: Joey Iversen, CBATI, CPDT, KPACTP

Dates: 19-20 April, 2014

Times: 4/19 9am-5pm with one-hour lunch break
             4/20 1:30-9:30pm with one-hour dinner break

Admission Fees &Registration:
  Admission fee:  NT$6,000 for both days and NT$3,000 for either day.
  Early-bird discounts:  NT$5,400 for both days and NT$2,700 for either day.

  People who do not live in Taiwan can pay at the registration table, but will need to sign up in advance to reserve a spot.  Please contact Vicki Huang at vickiclickertrainingschool@gmail.com for registration.

Locations: The seminar will be held in two different locations for the two days, because the 2nd day will include dog demos and many places in Taipei do not allow dogs indoors.   The location information in English will be provided after the registration is completed.

Transportations: Fly to the Taipei International airport, then take a bus or a taxi to the Taipei city.  The ride takes 40 minutes to a hour, depending on how busy the traffic is on the highway.

To get around the Taipei city is pretty easy.  If you live within the city, you can pretty much get to the seminar locations within 30 minutes to 1 hour at most by car or by public transportation.  Taking a taxi is also convenient in Taipei.  You can get a taxi on the street at any time and it is relatively cheap compared to the rates in other big cities.

Should you have any questions, please email the seminar host Vicki Huang at vickiclickertrainingschool@gmail.com.